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Image by Raphael Wicker

We're incredibly lucky to be perfectly located in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside offering bridle tracks and scenic routes.

Whether you're looking for a short country hack or a full day out riding, there are various routes suitable for all abilities and strengths. 

Popular riding locations are Bagby, Kilburn, The White Horse, Oldstead and Coxwold, which are all roughly within 90 minutes reach going at a steady pace. 

To plan your route, take a look at this helpful map!


We have 3 stables available onsite and 2 large paddocks with secure fencing. 


1 Night with Field, Stable & Parking

£35.00 per horse

Cost includes straw bedding and hay

1 Night with Field & Parking

£20.00 per horse

Please note, although our fencing is secure, horses are left at their own risk. If your horse is prone to jumping out we recommend stabling your horse overnight. 

1 Day with Field, Parking & Catering

£25.00 per horse & rider

Cost includes horse box parking throughout the day, use of a paddock, afternoon tea and homegrown carrots. Please note, this package isn't for overnight


Horse Box Parking Only

£10.00 horse box/trailer

If you prefer to enjoy the local area without having to worry about where to park up, make the most of our private yard offering secure parking.  Please call in advance to check availability. 


Enjoy a rural Yorkshire retreat  

with your favourite 4-legged friend 

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Image by Helena Lopes
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